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From Summer Job to Corporate Success

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When an opportunity to create a niche summer job came along, the founder of 310-DUMP didn't realize it would change his life forever.

edmonton junk removalIn 1995, Greg Kirkwood was studying economics at the University of Alberta when two unrelated incidences coincided to change his life. In speaking with local contractors, he learned they were having a difficult time finding reliable people to clean up their construction sites. Then he saw an ad stating the Federal Business Development Bank (now Business Development Corporation) was offering $3,000 loans for students to start summer businesses. Kirkwood saw an opportunity.

Kirkwood's business plan was approved and with the loan, he purchased a 1976 Ford truck, built a box on it and called his new venture Rubbish Express. "I set out to fill the void in the market for reliable, reasonably priced junk removal," he reminisces with a smile. "But word spread very quickly about the great service at fair prices. Business blossomed." Ordinarily, this would not have been a problem, but as summer drew to a close, demand didn't drop off. Kirkwood faced a tough decision. School or business?

"I tried to do both," he admits, but soon realized he couldn't sustain both paths. He had to choose. "I put my final year of university on hold and jumped in with both feet knowing that if it didn't work, I could return to school to finish off the last year of my degree." He has yet to return to University, but "the education I have learned over the last 20 years in the business world has been priceless!"

In 1996, the company expanded to Calgary and added to the fleet. In 1999, Rubbish Express officially rebranded as 310-DUMP. By now, the company was not only doing junk removal, they were renting dumpsters as well. In fact, the growth cycle has never stopped. "We continue to enjoy annual growth exceeding market averages," Kirkwood confirms with pride.

Today's fleet that services business & residential customers across Alberta consists of:

  • Front load trucks - Waste & recycling front load trucks are used for commercial/industrial customers. Bins range from 2 - 8 cubic yards and service is weekly or monthly at the customer's convenience. Business customers appreciate the hands-on approach of 310-DUMP account managers who are well equipped to provide in-depth, valuable waste & recycling solutions.
  • Roll off trucks - Serving commercial and industrial companies and residential consumers, roll off containers (dumpsters) range from 10 - 40 cubic yards. "We deliver an empty dumpster container to the customer's site, then the customer loads the dumpster with up to nine metric tons of material. They call or email us to haul away the full dumpster when they are finished or the renovation & cleaning project is completed," explains the successful entrepreneur.
  • Junk removal trucks - Serving residential and business customers along with property management organizations, junk removal trucks are equipped with one of the biggest dump boxes in the industry (18 cubic yards). These trucks are manned by two workers who load, haul and dispose/recycle unwanted items. "Our crew always provides an upfront quote for the customer's approval prior to loading," says Kirkwood. "With this service, all the loading, hauling and disposal fees are included. In this type of service, the customers just point at the bulky items and we haul them away. It is that simple!"

"We owe our success over the last 20 years to our hardworking employees. I am very proud of the team we have and the people who have helped us grow over the years and built the company to where we are today." ~ Greg Kirkwood

edmonton junk removalThe dedication to customer service is paramount. 310-DUMP has thousands of bins and an ever- expanding fleet to ensure all customer requests are handled promptly and efficiently. "We value each and every customer and we want it to show in the service we provide. We always answer our phones seven days a week. Customers will always speak with a live operator (available also during holidays) so we can give the best possible customer experience. We are fully insured and have an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau," says Kirkwood. But that's not all. "We are a 100 per cent Alberta-owned company and customers love the fact they only need to remember one number for all their junk and waste and recycling needs, often with same-day service. Our crews are WCB insured, which is not always the case in our industry."

edmonton junk removalIn an industry that seems primed for high turnover, 310-DUMP enjoys the benefits of employee loyalty and satisfaction. Even their student workers are happy to return year after year. Kirkwood is proud of his team and tells them so in this personalized message: "We owe our success over the last 20 years to our hardworking employees. I am very proud of the team we have and the people who have helped us grow over the years and built the company to where we are today. Sincerely, thank you for making 310-DUMP a terrific work environment. I look forward to coming to work and to many more fun and successful years ahead!"

"We owe our success over the last 20 years to our hardworking employees. I am very proud of the team we have and the people who have helped us grow over the years and built the company to where we are today." ~ Greg Kirkwood

Speaking of those years ahead, they certainly look bright and prosperous for the still-growing company. "Winning is fun and contagious," Kirkwood grins. "We win when our customers get the best service and they win. It's great to build a company that the whole team can be proud of. Nothing makes me happier than hearing positive feedback from our customers. It's what we strive for. It's been great to develop long-lasting relationships and to catch up with long-term customers, some of whom have been with us from the beginning. The growth of the company is very exciting and it is equally exciting to see people growing within their roles in the company."

Kirkwood was just 22 years old when he thought long and hard about the two options before him, and ultimately decided to pursue the job he created. He set out to fill a niche in the market and he more than exceeded his own, as well as industry, expectations. Kirkwood is grateful to his wife, parents, family and friends, all of whom showed tremendous support when he "decided to drop out of school to become a garbage man," along with his mentors, staff, vendors and clients. He looks forward to 310-DUMP continuing to serve the needs of Albertans in both corporate and charitable ways.

"We look forward, every day, to building something special that we can all be proud of," he concludes. "Mission accomplished," responds those that have used, loved and become loyal to the services and customer focus of 310-DUMP.

310-DUMP is proud to have completed well over 100,000 jobs and to be an active participant in natural disaster cleanups across Canada. To learn more, visit The phone number, 310-DUMP (310-3867), grants you seven-day access to the company from anywhere in Alberta, with no area code required. Orders can be placed by phone (310-3867), email ( or online.

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