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Customer Service Pledge

As a member of the junk removal and recycling industry in Canada, we proudly make this pledge to each and every customer we serve:

We are in business because of our valued customers.

  • We pledge to always place your interests at front and centre of what we do.

Providing outstanding service is the right of our customers and is our first priority.

  • We pledge to provide you with outstanding service, each and every time. 

We are committed to being available to our customers.

  • We pledge to have our call sales centre open 7 days a week. During the hours we are closed, you will be able to order a service and provide us with feedback online.

We are dedicated to excellence.

  • We pledge our dedication to excellence and commitment to providing value-added service in a proactive, flexible, and efficient manner. 

We will resolve any issues promptly.

  • We pledge to listen to our customers and always present a caring attitude. We pledge to answer questions or resolve issues quickly and fairly within one business day if possible.

We are committed to the environment.

  • We pledge our commitment to the environment. Although we are not a salvaging company or charity, we do our best to recycle, properly dispose of, and/or donate whatever we possibly can.

We are commited to customer satisfaction.

  • We pledge our commitment to customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations!

The owners, managers, and staff of 310-DUMP Junk Removal and Dumpster Rentals are committed to supporting this Customer Service Pledge.