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Greg Kirkwood

Before the days of contracted junk removal services, we relied on our friends, neighbors, or fly by night laborers to remove debris from our homes, offices and construction sites. Rarely were you able to find the same person to do the job twice.

Greg Kirkwood, founder and CEO of 310-Dump, never imagined a career in the waste removal business. While studying a University Degree in Economics, he acquired a white collar corporate position in the Oilfield Industry. It was here that he became keenly aware of the challenges companies were facing in finding quality people to take care of their junk and debris. Looking to capitalize on this untouched market Greg applied for a small business loan from the Federal Business Development Bank and purchased a 1976 one-ton truck. It wasn't long before Greg's reputation for professionalism and reliability preceded him. Eventually the demand for his services grew to a level beyond what he could manage on a part time basis. Greg capitalized on the opportunity, quit his day job, and plunged head first into the waste removal industry.

Greg officially established 310-Dump in 1995 with a head office in Edmonton, Alberta. As demand increased, Greg expanded his corporate presence into Calgary.

As the need for reliable and professional waste removal services continued to soar, Greg also expanded business offerings to include additional waste solutions such as roll off dumpster rentals and waste and recycling services. Greg believed he could continue to expand 310-Dump to meet the growing demand for services and still offer same level of customer service. Throughout the company's growth, of utmost importance was maintaining the integrity and reputation of the brand.


Since establishing 310-Dump, Greg has evolved its services to include dumpster rentals of various size and depth, designed to accommodate the needs of any project. By introducing dumpsters in conjunction with standard junk removal services, Greg was once again offering effective solutions to waste and junk removal, subsequently providing even greater flexibility and convenience to his customers.