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How-To Tips

How to Order

310-Dump has a range of waste removal options to suit the demands of your project. Getting started is simple.

1. Assess: Consider the amount of waste you have, or will have and the length of your project. For quick spring clean ups, you may require a lower volume bin for a smaller period of time. Renovation projects may require larger bins for extended periods. Or, maybe you need us to haul the junk out for you. Also, you will need to consider where your bin will be located for the duration of your project. If you don't have room on your driveway or private property, you may require a permit from your municipality in order to place the bin on the street.

2. Call Us: We want to hear from you so that we can offer the most efficient, cost effective solutions to your junk, yard waste, renovation or construction debris removal problem. Ordering the wrong sized bin can cause you time and money.

3. Delivery: The waste dumpster is delivered to your location on the date and time specified at the time of your order. Our professional drivers are highly skilled at placing your bin in a safe place of your choice.

4. Start Your Project: You fill our bins with your waste concrete, drywall, dirt, roofing, trash, garbage or general waste.

5. Pick Up: When you are finished loading, call us and we will pick it up!

How to de-clutter a home

Start small - Do not try to clear an entire home in one day. Doing this can be overwhelming and can often squash your motivation and cause you to push it off for another day. Do it in bit-sizes. Clear out one room at a time starting with the most difficult first. If one room seems overwhelming, divide the room into four sections and clean one section at a time.

Create three categories: 310-DUMP section, donations, and things to keep. Use large garbage bags to separate your items into these three categories. If you run across an item that you're not sure about throwing away, put it to the side and decide at the end of your cleaning session. Things to keep section may also include items that can be more effectively placed in another room in the house.

Ask your self these questions. - Have I used it this year and do I plan on using it? Will I regret throwing this away or will my spouse? Do I really need two or more of the same item? If you answered NO to any of these questions, get it to the 310-DUMP pile!

Call 310-DUMP (310-3867): 310-DUMP junk removal will send two professional removers to load, clean up and dispose of everything so that you can enjoy a clutter-free home today. Once you have identified the items you want removed, you don't have to lift a finger! Just point and the 310-DUMP crew will happily do the rest!

How to pick a junk removal company

It's quite easy to recognize a professionally-run junk removal company. You just have to search for the following features to ascertain whether the company has the capability to offer exceptionally good services or not.

A good junk removal company will haul away all your non-hazardous junk at a reasonable price.

In a normal household or commercial & industrial business, a variety of garbage is produced each day; It is certainly a difficult task to handle and get rid of the different kinds of wastes in an environmental-friendly manner.

A modern junk removal company, such as 310-DUMP, has the appropriate licenses and meets stringent government regulations, and is able to optimize recycling through its extensive industry contacts. After all, everyone is working together to help the environment in any way that we can.

The company should have a fleet of well-maintained clean trucks to take away the trash. Moreover, it should have containers and dumpsters of different shapes and size to handle the waste properly.

All the employees of the junk removal company should be well-trained and at the same time, they should be thoroughly professional, helpful and friendly. Furthermore, the junk removal company should have its crew insured under a local worker's compensation program. If not, you may be liable for injury at your site.

A reliable junk removal company will have a National Call Centre that can be easily accessed and that has the ability along with their senior management to resolve any issues or disputes just a 310-DUMP has. The junk removal company should have more than 10-15 years of experience in the industry. Experience matters!

A clean and a well organized web site should give you increased comfort of the junk removal company's abilities to do the job however be wary of companies that feature trucks that they do not own.

Review the customer service pledge of the junk removal company. Does it meet you values and your expectations? Make sure that you will receive all the services that you need and that the Company does not start the junk removal until you have agreed to the price quoted for the volume of junk being removed. Does the Company have formal process of doing courtesy calls prior to jobs and service satisfaction calls after the jobs are completed?

How to hire a junk removal company

Once you have decided to dump your junk, you will need to hire a junk removal business such as 310-DUMP company to ensure that the job is completed on time and smoothly. The right junk removal company will be swift, professional and organized, and will do its best not to interrupt the flow of your core business or your house.

Find a junk removal business company that services your geographical area. Use resources such as the Internet, Yellow pages directories, and referrals from friends and business associates in order to find the company with the most professional reputation such as 310-DUMP.

Contact these companies so that you can arrange to make an appointment for an estimate on the junk removal business. Most junk removal businesses should be able to send representatives out to your location for an estimate. Choose a service company based upon a combination of value, professionalism, industry experience, and organization.

Show the junk removal crew the items that are to be removed, and discuss it thoroughly with the junk removal representative. The discussion should include the disposal of all trash and debris.

Hire a junk removal business company based upon their attention to detail concerning your requirements. The best junk removal business will assign professional crew who will handle your requirements smoothly and who can provide you with their manager's name in case you need to contact him/her.

Once the job is completed, keep company's information such as brochures and such in case you need to call the company in the future.

How to avoid junk removal scams

If you've heard stories about disreputable junk removal services companies raising rates after a quote has been provided or companies just not showing up to do the work, you'll understand the need for caution to avoid service scams.

Consider these tips to find reputable and dependable junk removal companies and avoid service scams: Find a trustworthy junk removal service provider, such as 310-DUMP, by asking your friends and relatives, or your business associates, for recommendations. If you're arranging junk removal services for a business or employees, ask corporate clients or industry contacts which companies they've used successfully in the past. Ensure that when you call the service provider that you get professional sounding sales agents and if you are on hold listen to how professional the on-hold message is. The more professional these aspects are, the more likely that you are dealing with a reputable company. Research the services provider's background by clicking on their web site. Look for customer service pledges and/or emphasis on customer service. Check for a history of consumer complaints through the Better Business Bureau. Be suspicious if junk removal services company's representative gives you a quote for the handloading service (full service of crew of 2 removing the junk for you) over the phone without surveying the items you want to get rid or. Some agencies may provide you with lowball quotes that aren't legally binding, leading the way to increased rates at the time of the service.

The only exception is that the price of bin rentals are typically quoted over the telephone as the requirements are straight forward and clear.

Before you renovate...

There are many reasons to renovate. Sometimes it's the simple need for a change. Other times, the motivation is more practical. If you wake up one day with a puddle in the basement and a water-stained ceiling, you know you have to act fast!

From the planning stage to the final touches, your research should benefit from other people's experience and knowledge. The results of research should tell you about some of the first-rate resources we've developed to deal with all kinds of renovation issues. In general, there are three types of renovation: lifestyle, retrofit, and maintenance and repair.

Lifestyle renovations improve your home and your way of life. They might involve building a sun room for pleasure, or converting unused attic space into living quarters to meet your changing needs.

Retrofit projects usually focus on your home's shell or mechanical systems. Examples are upgrading your insulation, replacing your furnace, or putting on new siding.

Maintenance and repair renovations protect the investment you have made in your house through activities such as caulking windows, re-shingling your roof, or replacing your eavestroughs.

How to assess your renovation project

Over the years, we've developed a good understanding of how buildings perform. Construction techniques for new homes have changed rapidly. Most of these improved techniques also apply to renovations.

If you plan carefully, you can renovate your home to make it look better, work better, last longer and be more comfortable. Before renovating, it's important to assess the condition of your home to determine if there are any significant underlying problems that must be addressed before or during your planned renovation project.

In Canada, we need affordable houses to provide shelter from the elements. We also want our homes to be pleasant, comfortable and attractive.

Homeowners have higher expectations than in the past, particularly about comfort and interior design. Renovations are an opportunity to address some of these expectations.

Renovating is an ideal time to make your house healthier for you, the community and the environment. When assessing your renovation project, be sure to consider the five essentials of a well conditioned house.

As you assess your renovation project, ask yourself how changing particular components will affect the performance of the whole house. For example, as part of a bathroom renovation you may want to add a hot tub that will generate large amounts of humidity during operation. Your existing ventilation may be inadequate to handle the increased moisture levels. It will be important to provide proper ventilation to avoid mold growth, indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and damage to the structure or finishes. You may need to consult with a qualified home inspector or a professional renovator.

Junk removal after the renovation project

Once the home renovation projection is completed, you will find excess construction material debris and other trash ready to be hauled away.

If you combine that with de-clutter home project, then you will be in position to optimize the costs of getting rid of the junk all at once.

If you have a large volume of junk, it may be cost effective to rent a bin/dumpster from a junk removal service company, such as 310-DUMP (310-3867). This may be a company that provides both bin rentals and handloading service (two strong men in a truck also called "Full Service") and they are able to provide you with advice as to which alternative is your best one.

With the bin service option, the junk removal company, such as 310-DUMP, will provide you with an appropriately sized bin to be dropped off at your site, preferably before you start the project. Then you do all the work in allocating and moving the junk right to the bin.

Upon the completion of the project or when the bin is full, the junk removal company will then pick up the bin and dispose of the junk material (and recycle what they can).

The Handload option. The Handload service consist of a junk removal company, such as 310-DUMP (310-3867), will send out their crew of two strong men and a nice shiny truck to your site and after providing you with an estimate of hauling the junk, then all you do is point to the direction of the junk (any where on site) and the crew will do all the labour of carrying the material to their bin on their truck. Upon completion, the crew will collect payment and leave to dispose of the material.

The advantage of this method is that it is done quickly and is less trouble than hauling it yourself. Look on the Internet or in the yellow pages for other junk removal services that offer dumpster and Hand load services. The next option is renting a truck and hauling the load to the dump yourself. First, you need to contact the local dump and determine if they accept trash hauled in by homeowners. If not, call around until you find one that does accept such trash. You'll need to tell then basically the type of materials you have to dump and about how much before they will quote you a price.

There are trucks available that rent for about $50-$60 per day, plus gas, at a rental truck establishment. The costs there may be slightly higher, depending on the vehicle you rent. You can often rent just a pickup truck, if that will do the job.

The disadvantage to this option is the cost on your body and time may be significant. The hassle of renting the vehicle and figuring out the landfill requirements may not be easy. Lastly, junk removal company typically have contacts where they can maximize recycling and where typical home owners and businesses do not have such contacts and it takes additional time to locate such contacts.